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Django Django – Wor

It’s not quite the usual „travel documentary“ about India but it definitely makes me want to go there and see those fearless men … and when I‘m there already just travel a bit more and have some great indian food :)


As I‘m cleaning up my hard drives in order to finally trying to systemize all my files I stumble across more and more nice video footage that I recorded a while back. Unfortunately I have forgotten about most of it but am always happy to find it again. The clip below is a set of several shots from pigeons – not the most interesting animals on our planet but yet nice to watch. I like it in combination with the music, a song by Babylon Circus.

trains in winter time

I spent a reasonable time on trains lately and most of the time had my camera with me. Of course I could have slept or read or whatever but most often I was staring out the window fascinated by the winter scenery that was passing by. I don‘t know if I should say „unfortunately“ but in Bolzano we mostly have sun and blue skies. The ski resorts are suffering a bit but I quite like the sun. It somehow makes you happy once you cross the Brennero and suddenly the weather changes from grey and snowy austrian weather to sunny „italian“ weather. But anyway I made this short video coming back from Munich two days ago. It’s basically three short clips in overlay mapped to the music – a song by Lali Puna called „Scary World Theory“. It’s a first try again (I keep forgetting things if I‘m not constantly doing videos and editing them) and at some points it definitely would need some fine-tuning. Other than that I‘m quite happy with the result. I hope you like it, too.


Afghanistan – touch down in flight

Such an amazing video.

BI|KE – A Symmetric Vehicle

Besides the very nice filming technique with two perspectives I think this clip is closer to reality than most other clips that appear a lot more agressive with the help of music, camera perspectives, etc.
I like this clip, makes me want to go out and riding :) .

Tame Impala

Tame Impala – It’s not meant to be

I was once again sorting through my music and came across this band and particular song which instantly made me happy :)

Gil Scott Heron

It really took me a while to get into it but the music is definitely amazing. Gil Scott Heron, apparently in the business for a long time (shame on me that I didn‘t know), just recently released his new album „I‘m new here“. Mario sent me the link for the clip below which reminds me a bit of Clockwork Orange.

me and the devil – Gil Scott Heron

Darwin Deez

„Radar Detector“ by Darwin Deez is constantly up on and then the video was posted on The song is nice and the video is funny so that’s why I thought it deserves to be posted.

Check out Myspace for more music, DNA is a great song as well.

Chris & Thomas

I can‘t remember where I found ‚Chris & Thomas‘ but I definitely like their singer-songwriter music. Be sure to check out their song ‚broken chair‘ on myspace also if you like them. The song above is called ‚Take these Thoughts‘.

studio view

‚Just‘ another video clip, this time a time-lapse I made from a pile of photos I took out of my studio window. So yes, this is my view, it’s quite a luxury I admit.

*** Update: same song different perspective and shot at dawn – unfortunately it’s getting a little shaky once the exposure is getting longer

type in auction

The second ‚big‘ event of last week was the ‚typo auction‘ initiated by Martin. For his last semester project ‚UN-TYPE-ISCH‘ he collected letters from old neon signs and used them to create a book about typography that has a great 3D effect when using colored glasses.
After taking photos of the letters they were ’stuck‘ in our studio for a while until he decided to sell them in an auction and give the money to Designistan (our unofficial student group) to finance our blog, etc.

I was recording with very shaky hands and ‚editing the video afterwards.

White Rabbits

Nothing spectactularly innovative, neither video nor song but it’s still great to listen to. White Rabbits with Percussion Gun

Bolzano streets

Another video clip that caused my computer to crash several times (also caused by power cuts in our flat) but that came out alright. I‘m still not extremely satisfied with the end result – the close-up of the highway jumps a little too fast (rendering it again only takes about 6 hours ;) ) – but it’s already much much better than the first one.


another short clip I made for a friend at the university, this time even with recorded audio (the actual quality is pretty good, when rendering it for the web it was messed up a little)

Turbo Ping Pong

Another day, another video this time a turbo version of a ping pong match in our atelier. I even won the game!


Phantogram – When I‘m small

Phantogram is a band of two from Greenwich, New York that published their first album in 2009. I discovered them yesterday while looking for something else and was really amazed by their music. When it comes to comparisons I guess Portishead and maybe also Goldfrapp (click on the name to see an example) should be named.

Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Live on KEXP)

video test

Before I came back to Europe I really couldn‘t resist and scraped together all my money to get a new camera, an awesome Canon 7D. Some photos on here come already from it but now I have a premiere. I have to admit that I‘m far from being satisfied with the end result but I really didn‘t have the time and will to get more into the video function of the camera. The scenes are recorded off the roof from our university, my room and the weekly market on saturday. The quality of the videos I think is pretty amazing (from the technical point of view), the way I filmed it is still developable ;) .


I was watching the new animation movie Avatar yesterday, unfortunately not the 3D version of it, and while I was watching it I had a question in mind that I discussed with my brother earlier today.

The question is simply ‚Can birds fly loops?‘

My brother and I came to the conclusion that physically they should be able because their weight-wing-size-ratio is pretty good as opposed to planes which are not always able to fly loops (just check the Microsoft Flight Simulator and you‘ll notice how hard it will be to loop a Boing 787 and similar). But unfortunately this is not the answer because the wings of birds are very different to those of planes. The wing of a bird is creating the upward as well as the forward force to get up in the air. Planes have turbines or propellers to do so and have the wings fixed to the body without the ability to move (except maybe some early versions of planes which weren‘t very successful).
Max suggested to ask the internet – WolframAlpha – to get an answer but it didn‘t work either. Google was the only site that linked to possible answers so I found out that the hummingbird can fly upside down for a short time, no loops though.

One guy wrote a very nice answer:

I do not have a definitive answer to your question, but the following story suggests they can not. After all, birds fly for a living, not for fun, and the ability to loop probably would not help them find their next meal.

Well who says that birds have no fun when flying? Maybe they haven‘t realized that they should try flying loops.

Partly Cloudy from Dan Graham on Vimeo.

Boat Behind

Kings of Convenience – The Boat Behind.

I really keep repeating myself but this clip is too nice not to share it with you :) . Just the right mood for the fading summer…


Last night after a shopping day (oh boy how I like being in these crazy shopping centres) I came by one of the restaurants in front of our house and saw something very interesting. It might seem disgusting to you and I think the sight is rather unusual, that’s for sure. But still THIS is part of the ‚chinese culture‘ that my boss keeps telling me about after he just copied another hotel interior. I forgot to take my little digital camera but had the newly purchased cell phone for my dad with me so I pulled it out and took those shots. Not the best quality (I actually don‘t want to post the ‚best‘ photo since it really is critical :) ) but you can see the dog. The funny thing about it was that the owner of the restaurant came out and started talking to my colleague and asking whether I was an animal rights activist and would make him any trouble. He told him that I‘m from Germany and I‘m certainly not photographing it to make any problems. It was the first time I see this ‚live‘ so I wanted to take a picture. He smiled again and offered to take as many photos as I wanted :)
And now I can finally say, Yes in China they eat dogs!

strangely ‚delicious‘?!


We went to Guangzhou [goo ang joe] for one day since it is only about 1 1/2 hours by train from Shenzhen. It wasn‘t much impressive in my opinion despite some parts appearing quite lovely. We soon found out though that the buildings in this part of town were ‚left-over‘ from the British Colonial time. Maybe I haven‘t caught the ’spirit of the city‘ in such a short time but the air was smoggy and most of what you see is very similar to other chinese cities in this size. At least they have some historial places spread around town including several temples, a Mausoleum, etc. compared to Shenzhen which has about..well..maybe none.
But Guangzhou wasn‘t the main reason to write about today. On the train back to Shenzhen I was listening to some recordings I had made with my little MP3 player during the last maybe 1 year. First of all I was quite impressed about the quality of most of the recordings. But secondly I had great fun remembering the situation I recorded a clip. As I usually take many photos and keep filling up my hard drives with incredible amounts of photos since the digital technology reached me this ’sound travel‘ somehow surprised me today. Also because I know that I wasn‘t realizing this back then. And third I just like the way you have the little noises and then people talking – especially in the second clip with the music.


I recorded this while waiting in line to get some information about a train ticket from Belgrade further on. An old man was in front of me and it must have taken him about 10 min. to find out everything he needed. This was – surprisingly – the most clear recording I had.



Before I took the bus to Vienna from Belgrade I was in a small cafe and tried to kill time. I can remember that I sat there for quite some time and at some point they started playing the ‚Modern Talking‘ album with ‚Brother Louie‘ coming up – in terms of music the 80s and 90s have really never left the Balkans.
A while back I discovered an entry in my notebook from the same cafe – I suppose same day then – where I wrote down about the menu of this place. They offered „Mafin & Braoni“… Chris suggested that we should start a fashion label with this name after I told him about it :)


After all this critical talk I would like to share some more music that I ‚discovered‘ not long ago. It’s the latest album from Moby with the title ‚Wait for Me‘ that came out in June this year. The whole album is very ambient maybe even a little melancholic but very nice again.
I came across this album when I read an article about Moby speaking up against the Music industries. He put a free download of the song ‚Shot in the Back of the Head‘ on his website. The funny thing is that exactly this song was the one that was sold the most once the album was released in Apples iTunes shop. To him (and to myself) this clearly shows that the argument ‚the internet is killing the music industries with [illegal] downloads‘ is not completely true. Another article that I read a while ago stated more or less the same. It was a discussion between an artist, a music producer and a spokesman for a big music label. Both artist as well as producer came to the conclusion that the industries had simply failed to adapt their business to modern times. And once again a company that didn‘t start with music showed how it could work: Apple with the iTunes store that was a huge success right from the beginning.


‚Shot in the Back of the Head‘ with a nice animation clip from the amazing David Lynch.

And this is an excerpt of the album as a stream player so without the need to fill up your hard drive with illegal downloads 8-) .


Last weekend I was in Yangshuo (about 700 km north-west from Shenzhen) which is one of the ‚must-see‘ places of China. Most travelers who come in from Hong Kong go straight there without stopping in between. And I really have to say that it was worth going there (despite the crazy night bus rides). The landscape sourrounding Yangshuo is really amazing. We spent most of the time cycling through the rice fields along the river with regular stops to go swimming or take a bamboo raft to lazily float back the way we came.
Before we went I was reading an article about ‚HDR‘ (High Dynamic Range) photography and of course had to try it since I found out that I can easily do it with my own camera (read more HERE). The trick is simply to shoot a range of photos (in my case always 3) of the same scene but all with different adjustments (one image too dark, one too bright and one correct). With the help of a computer you can then create an image that has all three ‚lighting layers‘ calculated together. Of course the output looks slightly unrealistic but the idea is to get closer to the perception of the human eye. A digital camera creates a really high resolution today (even my 3-year-old camera) but it is far from creating an exact image as the human eye does. HDR is a nice way to get at least the different shadows and light situations into one photo that we immediately see when we‘re looking at basically anything. Now of course the resolution is a different thing and I‘m sure it will still take a while until technology is that far.
Below you can see three example photos. I didn‘t play around with colors too much so the outcome I think is still quite natural.
I should finally get a tripod to have some more precise results.


Beirut – Postcards from Italy




(I can download the Youtube video watch it and then copy the Link from the website if you wonder now how I can still see this video)

Pumping Iron with Arnold

‚The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in a gym is the pump! Let’s say you train your biceps blood is rushing into your muscles and that’s what we call the pump. Your muscles get a really tight feeling like your skin is going to explode any minute and it’s really tight it’s like somebody is blowing air into your muscles and it feels different it just feels fantastic. […]‘ – Arnold

Pumping Iron with Arnold
is a full time movie cut together with pieces from youtube. It tells all the secrets about the stupidity of bodybuilding. Oh boy am I glad that Arnold got away from there and finally found a real job…

Kutiman mixes Youtube

Kutiman mixes Youtube clips together and creates very lovely pieces of music. The quality is not the best due to some home production videos being used but the idea and the result is really amazing.


I have to admit I have become really lazy these days but I guess that’s okay. Watching movies can be educating as well. So when I was watching the „Family Guy Movie“ I saw this short sequence that made me laugh. I‘m quite sure back in the days it was a lot easier to trick people.

Jesus in the Family Guy Movie

just wow…

I was really amazed today when I saw my statistics. I‘m the number 26 out of a thousand blogs on Blogsport. 4617 clicks in one day!!! I wonder why that is? Is this information not as useless after all as I believed it was? Is it my recent change to the world language english? Pierre-Marie is it you? In any way…WOW..this is a very touching moment and I just have to thank my audience with a very nice song I recently discovered…

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Whitest Boy Alive

Since I started with some new music I also have to post the wonderful songs from ‚The Whitest Boy Alive‘ who just recently came out with a new album.

Burn of the first album

1517 from the latest album ‚rules‘


As we were sitting in the kitchen waiting for the „Mokka“ to finish up our coffee we were watching MTV Italia on one of the smallest TVs you could imagine in these times of high-resolution-huge-wall-flat-I-am-rich-enough-to-buy-this TVs. The quality is miserable as the analog antenna provides an imagine that is rippled and has a slight green and red tint. Anyway we started laughing so badly when we saw this. It’s by far one of the funniest low-cost music clips that made it to MTV. It was even so cheap that they could afford 4 versions of it. And I‘m sure Jovannoti is rich enough these days to afford something more fancy.

He is the guy in the lower right corner and I have to say that his dancing skills are really amazing. I wish I could dance like him!!!!

to watch it in fullscreen see HERE

Space Oddity

First of all, I‘m writing in english now; at least for this and the next post and possibly more. And this is not to show the world how well advanced my english is (which it is I know…hahaha) but as always english is the world language and even though most of the information I write here is far from being interesting or neccessary (but what else is a blog good for??!) it’s nice to reach more people.
Anyway I stumbled across this piece of music history. It is in fact only a short sequence but I really had to laugh. Just listen to it:

This would be the original then:


fast vergessen…danke Flo

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out

Wir haben uns letztens über die Helden unserer Kindheit unterhalten und sind auf die Sesamstraße und deren Charaktere gekommen. Jeder, der in seiner Kindheit die Sesamstraße geschaut hat, wird sicher den netten Verkäufer kennen, der Ernie ständig Buchstaben verkaufen will. In einer Folge bietet er Ernie sogar einen leeren Karton an für den Fall, dass es Bonbons regnet. Eindeutiger geht es kaum, denn auch seine Kleidung und sein Verhalten erinnern stark an das Bild eines Dealers. Da die Sesamstraße auch ’69 erschien (in Deutschland erst ’72), wundert es fast, dass eine bestimmte Buchstabenkombination nicht mal aufgetaucht ist.
Der wohl bekannteste Konsument der 3 Buchstaben, T. Leary, hat nach seinen Selbstversuchen zwei Gesetze aufgestellt, die in Bezug auf eine Kindersendung sicher relevant sind:

1. Thou shalt not alter the consciousness of thy fellow men. (Du sollst das Bewusstsein deines Nächsten nicht verändern.)

2. Thou shalt not prevent thy fellow man from altering his or her own consciousness. (Du sollst deinen Nächsten nicht daran hindern, sein oder ihr Bewusstsein zu verändern.)

Der Name des Verkäufers ist „Schlemihl“ was Jiddisch ist und soviel wie „Pechvogel“ oder „Unglücksrabe“ heißt (abgeleitet von „Massel“ – „Schlamassel“). Insofern werden die Zuschauer dann ja doch richtig erzogen…

In dieser Folge versucht er Ernie ein „STOP“-Schild zu verkaufen. Leider konnte ich die Folge mit dem Karton nicht finden.

Ich langweile mich im Übrigen nicht…

Big Ideas (don‘t get any)

Big Ideas (don‘t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

auch schon älter, aber trotzdem super…außerdem eine willkomene Ablenkung von der ach so vielen Arbeit

u were 22 – it was very bad for u

Voller Abend, in vielerlei Hinsicht, aber extrem gelungen. Nachdem ich wirklich schnell Bedenken hatte, ob das mit Uğur, meinem Mitbewohner, in Ordnung geht. Ich hatte ihm gesagt, dass ich in „paar“ Leute eingeladen hatte. Es sind alle gekommen und am Ende waren es dann 20-25 Leute, die sich in mein Zimmer gequetscht haben.
Begrüßt wurde ich erstmal durch ein sehr gelungenes Ständchen auf der Straße unter meinem Fenster. Spätestens jetzt sollte alle meine Nachbarn meinen Vornamen kennen. Leider sind ein paar Autos gefahren, die immer fleißig gehupt haben, also gab es eine Zugabe in der Wohnung.
Emma hat sich wohl auch extra zu diesem Anlass eine wunderhübsche, rosa Gitarre gekauft und löst damit ihre Melodika (die Amin spielt) ab.

Auf der Straße:

und die Zugabe:

Die Originallyrics wie ich sie heute früh gefunden habe, stinkend, mit Bierflecken und Tabakbröseln (draufklicken, damit sie in Originalgröße erscheinen).
Die Noten mit Gitarrengriffen habe ich dann beim Aufräumen unterm Bett entdeckt.

Die Geschenke haben sich auch mal wieder an Nutzen überboten. Victoria und Malte sind mit einem aufblasbaren, quietschbunten Tier angekommen. Das Tolle daran ist, dass man es mit Wasser befüllen kann dann hat es einen „Steh-auf-Männchen“-Effekt, super sinnvoll.

Magalie hat mir dann noch das Original der Legobrille geschenkt, welch Ehre für mich.

Gevende – nochmal

Auch wenn ich Gevende schon erwähnt habe, das Konzert gestern Abend war richtig gut. Das Babylon ist wahrscheinlich das bekannteste Konzertlokal Istanbuls. Wieder einmal durch „Crossing the Bridge“ wurde es ziemlich „gehypt“. Leider haben dadurch die Preise etwas gelitten, die Tickets sind noch im Rahmen, aber die Bar sollte man meiden. Die Qualität der Musik stimmt aber allemal.

Nayu vom bisher einzigen Album „Ev“


Hier ein kurzes Video von einer Hausparty am Freitag. Das Haus ist eine ehemalige Textilfabrik, die der Besitzer gerade zu einem Studentenhaus umbaut. Insgesamt wohnen ungefähr 20-25 Leute in dem Haus, die teilweise noch tatkräftig beim Aufbau ihrer Zimmer mithelfen.
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob die Musiker Bewohner des Hauses sind oder nicht, aber das hat auch wirklich keine Rolle gespielt. Der Gittarist ist ein Kalifornier und Langzeittraveler, der davon scheinbar nicht mehr loskommt.

in wirren Sphären

Emanuele, eine italienischer Erasmusstudent hat mir den Tipp gegeben am Samstag ins Garajistanbul zu der Veranstaltung „CitySense“ zu gehen. Martin, mein schwedischer Mitbewohner, und Pierre-Marie, ein Student aus Frankreich, sind dann mitgekommen. Im Vorraum hat eine Essenskünstlerin zusammen mit einer Duftkünstlerin, Maki Ueda aus Holland, ausgestellt. Martin hat sich von ihr eine Probe eines Kebab-Parfüms geben lassen. Wir haben schon überlegt, ob das in der Türkei als Ersatz für Pfefferspray gehandelt wird.
Im großen Raum wurde als Erstes eine Auswahl an Kurzfilmen gezeigt, von denen wir leider viele verpasst haben. Danach kam eine Lasershow von Edwin van der Heide, einem Performancekünstler aus Rotterdam. Verstärkt wurden die Lichter durch eine Nebelmaschine, was zusammen extrem gewirkt hat. Das Video gibt gibt einen kleinen Eindruck davon.

*Vorsicht, die Musik ist sehr laut und gewöhnungsbedürftig*

Weiter ging es mit „LiveImproveS“ einer Videoperformance von Koran Tahiroğlu. Die Musik ist noch um Einiges schräger, was daran liegt, dass sie live erzeugt, also auch improvisiert, wurde, wie der Titel im Grunde auch schon verrät.
Koran Tahiroğlu ist Dozent an der Bilgi University und wird einen Kurs über Physical Interaction Design halten.

Zu Guter Letzt noch eine weitere Videoperformance mit dem Titel „Not at Home“. Die Musik stammt hier einerseites von einem DJ, wurde aber unterstützt von zwei weiteren Musikern. Auch hier wieder sehr eigenwillige Klänge, die zusammen mit dem Video aber sehr gut funktioniert haben.

mehr zur Veranstaltung und Ort gibts hier