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Doğu Ekspresi – Orient Express

Dogu Ekspresi

From Ankara to Kars in Northeastern Anatolia, near the border to Armenia.

blue door


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Tough life

©2013, Raisa Galofre

Sabine told me that she believes this photo is basically the allegory for our studies … Well it’s definitely a tough life. Have you tried taking a photo while not dropping your ice cream?

The photo was taken in a small town near Arles while we were on excursion.

Was einmal war

So this is it, my recent project, showing house walls – so-called fire walls („Brandmauern“) – that are usually invisible as long as two buildings are right next to each other. Once one building disappears you can often see the shape of it still on the existing house. Here in Halle I found about 35 of these wall marks … The photos below is my selection that had been shown at the big summer exhibition at the Burg Giebichenstein last weekend.

Arles in Black

Last week I had the great pleasure to visit Arles and the famous „Rencontres d‘Arles“ photo festival. The city was wonderful, the photo festival amazing and the weather perfect. So besides seeing many of the most recent works of the worlds most famous photographers we could spend some time relaxing and enjoying the Provence sun.
I took a great ton of photos and this is just a start – I guess I will post more in the near future. For now just a couple of black and white shots as this years theme of the festival was „Arles in Black“…


A few posts back I showed a very tiny preview of the project I did last semester. So here is short description and part of my work. Within the project frame „Hommage to Edweard Muybridge“ I basically stumbled across sign language and its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously sign language was invented because of deafness but it nonetheless has become a very strong and independent means of communication. What most struck me was the ability to visualize sounds. Being deaf doesn‘t mean not hearing anything – its more about the „band of sound frequencies“ that is shortened with deaf people. So of course sign language had to come up with a way to describe sounds as well. Being a fully visual based language the situation or sound is being visualized one-to-one. But sign language also gives the possibility to communicate the intensity of the sound itself. Mimicry and movement is intensified to talk about a louder sound, e.g. … In spoken language we rather describe the sound instead of „imitating“ it.

I had the great chance to work together with two deaf women who helped me realize a set of animation clips that on the one hand show the sign language and on the other hand include the actual sound being communicated.

My favourite clip is the one below featuring Steffi who showed me how the sign language for a bursting balloon is made.



So after all the hours in front of the screen it’s finally done. I picked up the stack of printed magazines at the print shop last night. It was quite a sensation to see the guy coming in with the packs of a magazine that you actually made and put a lot of effort in. I‘m happy for now. Let’s see what the presentation on wednesday will do…

I‘ll post more photos later on.

thesis website

Well it’s done, the website for my final thesis project is online. I wrote before that my topic is ‚travel‘ or ‚journey‘ so I ended up with the idea of creating a magazine that includes more or less exceptional travel stories. Unlike other travel magazines that try to inform their readers about certain countries giving them hints on where to stay or when to travel, I aim to put the traveler in the centre. Traveling cannot be experienced in the exact same ways others did. There is no conformity so to say.

I‘m still at the beginning of the actual design process but to reach potential authors and readers I decided to launch a website already that serves as an example and showcase of what I have in mind.

The first issue will cover the topic ‚freedom of travel‘ so if anyone who is reading this would like to contribute a story, photos, etc. feel free to contact me and I will tell you more. Contributions are certainly possible in English as well.

Sorry though that the website and the magazine will be in German.

beam me up

I have an entry in my notbeook from a trip where I had the wish of beaming myself to my desired destiny. The whole entry started a very interesting discussion with my brother and friends and came back to mind just recently.

‚I‘m once again stuck in a travel bus. Sleep is impossible since the ground we drive on cannot be called a road [European measure] and the driver really seems to insist on the ‚EXPRESS‘ sign on the outside. While I‘m dozing I start thinking about how much time I spent for transportation on this 10-day trip (not inlcuded inner-city transport) and come to a total of about 30 hours. I‘m impressed although not shocked. Wouldn‘t it be nice to be able to beam myself instead of going through all this hustle?‘

The whole idea was mainly brought to audience by the TV show Star Trek with its most famous sentence ‚Beam me up Scotty.‘ but it could become reality one day as scientists already work on it for quite some time.
In all the discussions we found out that beaming is not just about crossing long distances without the dimension of time. There are far more positive and probably even more negative aspects that need to be questioned before anyone should really consider using this technology.

One of the many aspects we talked about were the components ’space‘ and ‚location‘. As we discussed it we figured that they lose their total meaning. It simply doesn‘t matter anymore where I am if I could beam myself to any place in about no time. In the meantime it puts a very high pressure on us. Because we can we also have to be basically ‚everywhere‘.

I think the most important question though was whether it effects my body or different if I can be ‚reduced‘ to a binary code what would be the effect when just a small portion is changed?! We found a possible solution to that but the consequences are immense. My personal binary code of the very moment needs to be registered and saved in a HUGE database to have something like a backup in case of an error. What this means though is that I‘m giving the information of myself to make reproduction possible.

From this point I could go on forever but to me or us it showed that transportation becomes a mere side-product or maybe also simply a justification for scientists to work on it.


Portfolio Website für „Webdesign Course“ ist quasi fertig:

klick HIER


Santralistanbul war eines der ersten E-Werke der Stadt, gebaut wurde es unter Anderem mit Hilfe der AEG. Das E-Werk ist heute hauptsächlich ein Museum, das Gelände drum herum gehört jedoch der Bilgi University und ist der modernste Campus der Uni (es gibt insgesamt 3).

Auch wenn das Foto surreal wirkt, das Licht war vorhin so, heute war mal der erste Tag an dem das Wetter etwas nachgelassen hat.