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Such a nice song from SBTRKT I just stumbled across … it reminds me a lot of some songs from Four Tet or Boards of Canada.

The song is called atomic peace


And some more music right away … Bonobo recently released a new album called The North Borders and it’s great!

Bonobo – Pieces (ft. Cornelia)

Milky Chance

Just recently Milky Chance was recommended to me and I really do like his music. He is just 20 years old and apparently started his career in his children’s room (not the garage this time like many before him) in Kassel. Being such a young artist he is obviously familiar with technical possibilities of the internet and therefore became famous by uploading his songs onto youtube. I’m fairly curious what will follow …

Milky Chance – Running

Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind

Milky Chance – Loveland (Berlin Sessions)

The above video is part of the Berlin Sessions, a music video format similar to the French La Blogothèque (featuring bands like Beirut, Sigur Ros, Phoenix etc.) with less famous artists but definitely worth checking out.


Fritz Kalkbrenner – Facing the Sun

Well ok, the Kalkbrenner brothers have been played a bit too much in the last years and this song isn‘t new either but it’s still such a nice song that you just have to listen on headphones with the volume cranked up. It definitely pushes the oh-so-grey winter mood :) . So enjoy.

Tame Impala

Well if there are no photos to post I‘ll simply post some great new music. This time it’s yet another nice song from Tame Impalas most recent album „Lonerism“ that has just been released. So enjoy :)


Well time has passed quick and this blog is certainly not being kept up in the last months and years (I just realize that I keep repeating myself). Anyway, since I‘m about to step into the next chapter and leave Bolzano for good I would like to share a really great picture with you. Obviously the quality is horrible and lighting was a bit „inarticulate“ but heck what can you expect from a webcam :) . The picture was taken last thursday at the Bachelor exam party where Martin and I decided to finally break with the habits of playing exclusively Minimal Techno and go to Balkan in the worst possible way. The Auto-DJ function (we have no clue of djing) made some trouble in the beginning but quite some crowd danced really crazy in the end. I suppose we were also motivating people since we were also dancing like mad behind the DJ desk.

Janović & Martičko feat. Balkarama

We also had some great loop visuals which unfortunately I cannot show due to clear copyright infrigements ;)

To give you an idea of the music we played I include a few clips with really nice Balkan style songs.

Budzillus – Der Untergang

Russkaja – Dobrij Abend

Und natürlich durfte auch sowas nicht fehlen:

Nôze – Dring Dring

Kodak to Graph

Yesterday I was skipping through some new music and came across a musician called „Kodak to Graph“. Since I haven‘t posted any new music I discovered (and it’s not that I haven‘t discovered any new music lately, rather I haven‘t posted anything) I would like to share a particular song called „He/Basement“ that somehow struck me. Considering the mood this song conveys I think it perfectly fits to the idea of the train video clip I shared not long ago. The song is floating along keeping a certain melancholy that’s somehow not giving a depressed feeling. Well ok the train clip is different because it creates a feeling of restlessness in a more bustling way though being reduced to mere shapes in black and white. This song is obviously a lot more „laid-back“ but feels similar to me. I think it creates the kind of feeling when you‘re on the road for too long and simply don‘t care anymore. It might be uncomfortable, it might tiring but yet it doesn‘t matter because you somehow feel good at it. I suppose sometimes it’s just nice not to reach a destination but rather keep moving.

I almost forgot to mention that the Kodak to Graphs EP Visio‘l is free to download or at Bad Panda Records.


As I‘m cleaning up my hard drives in order to finally trying to systemize all my files I stumble across more and more nice video footage that I recorded a while back. Unfortunately I have forgotten about most of it but am always happy to find it again. The clip below is a set of several shots from pigeons – not the most interesting animals on our planet but yet nice to watch. I like it in combination with the music, a song by Babylon Circus.

trains in winter time

I spent a reasonable time on trains lately and most of the time had my camera with me. Of course I could have slept or read or whatever but most often I was staring out the window fascinated by the winter scenery that was passing by. I don‘t know if I should say „unfortunately“ but in Bolzano we mostly have sun and blue skies. The ski resorts are suffering a bit but I quite like the sun. It somehow makes you happy once you cross the Brennero and suddenly the weather changes from grey and snowy austrian weather to sunny „italian“ weather. But anyway I made this short video coming back from Munich two days ago. It’s basically three short clips in overlay mapped to the music – a song by Lali Puna called „Scary World Theory“. It’s a first try again (I keep forgetting things if I‘m not constantly doing videos and editing them) and at some points it definitely would need some fine-tuning. Other than that I‘m quite happy with the result. I hope you like it, too.

Beirut – A Candle’s Fire

Beirut – A Candle’s Fire

About two years ago when I read that Zack Condon, the lead-singer of Beirut, stopped his tour after he had encountered a tremendous success with his band, I was a little sad not having been able to visit a single concert. Well good news came just a few weeks ago when a new album was announced. It’s already possible to pre-listen the whole album and I can highly recommend it. The above song is the opener to the new album The Rip Tide, the song below the second song that is wonderful as well :) .

Beirut – Santa Fe

Hermann Düne

Hermann Düne – Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day

I listened to a few more songs of Hermann Düne but came across this particular song on the radio which is by far the best I found.

Massive Attack

… finally released a new album this year titled „Heligoland“. I was listening to the album while working and got stuck at a certain song titled „Paradise Circus“. When I checked for a video to put it on here I came across several websites discussing the video itself which is described as somewhat between a „Mini-Featurette“, an art clip and a clip to jerk off. The main „actress“ of the clip is a certain „Georgina Spelvin“ who used to be a pornstar in the 70s, apparently playing in one of the most famous movies at that time „The Devil in Miss Jones“.

Of course the clip has been censored, but you can still find it here if you‘re interested.

The song is fairly beatiful and I suppose should be enjoyed without the pornography background. Listen below:

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

Tame Impala

Tame Impala – It’s not meant to be

I was once again sorting through my music and came across this band and particular song which instantly made me happy :)

Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto is an architect (haven‘t seen any of his work) and DJ, a very cool person so to say, from Sao Paolo. Despite from being very cool his music is definitely nice. The song below comes from his most recent album „Take my Breath Away“.

Gui Boratto – Azzurra

Myspace has some more to listen to.

The Apples in Stereo

It’s sunday morning, the weather is extremely shitty and I‘m already back at where I‘m most of the time – my studio at the university. Time is still running – how could it be different? – and I‘m finally turning into a workaholic maniac who is barely meeting his flatmate (we talk on skype though :D ) and really only goes home to sleep. Fortunate enough I‘m not the only one, we‘re at least 3 here at the university outpost far off the city center (far in Bolzano measures).
So while I started preparing my day and thinking what my steps for today were I came across a nice song on the radio.
The Band is called „The Apples in Stereo“, yet another American Indie Rock Band that apparently exists for quite a while now (since 1991). I haven‘t listened to more of their music but the song „Floating in Space“ sounds promising, though not revolutionary.

The Apples in Stereo – Floating in Space

Belle & Sebastian

It’s not the first time that I mention „Belle & Sebastian“, I think but while I was sorting through the mess of my many hard drives (I just got one replaced) I came across the great album „Push Barman To Open Old Wounds“ and was listening to it while working. Most of the music is just swinging in the background but then „I love my car“ came up which is definitely a highlight on the album.

Other than that there won‘t be too many news at the moment since time is really running up (5 weeks to go until I have the presentation).

Gil Scott Heron

It really took me a while to get into it but the music is definitely amazing. Gil Scott Heron, apparently in the business for a long time (shame on me that I didn‘t know), just recently released his new album „I‘m new here“. Mario sent me the link for the clip below which reminds me a bit of Clockwork Orange.

me and the devil – Gil Scott Heron


Interpol just released a new song called „Lights“ which is even free to download.

Interpol – Lights

Darwin Deez

„Radar Detector“ by Darwin Deez is constantly up on and then the video was posted on The song is nice and the video is funny so that’s why I thought it deserves to be posted.

Check out Myspace for more music, DNA is a great song as well.


I really like the short jingle before they announce the arrival or departure of a train at french train stations.

Chris & Thomas

I can‘t remember where I found ‚Chris & Thomas‘ but I definitely like their singer-songwriter music. Be sure to check out their song ‚broken chair‘ on myspace also if you like them. The song above is called ‚Take these Thoughts‘.

White Rabbits

Nothing spectactularly innovative, neither video nor song but it’s still great to listen to. White Rabbits with Percussion Gun


another short clip I made for a friend at the university, this time even with recorded audio (the actual quality is pretty good, when rendering it for the web it was messed up a little)


Phantogram – When I‘m small

Phantogram is a band of two from Greenwich, New York that published their first album in 2009. I discovered them yesterday while looking for something else and was really amazed by their music. When it comes to comparisons I guess Portishead and maybe also Goldfrapp (click on the name to see an example) should be named.

Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Live on KEXP)

Wooden Shoes in Tirol

Just came across this song and thought it fits to Bolzano somehow :) . It’s called ‚Wooden Shoes in Tirol‘ and is performed by ‚De Zwervende Keien (The Drifting Boulders)‘. Once again from the netlabel ‚Comfort Stand Recordings‘ out of the Compilation ‚Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka – Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1′

On the website it says the following about it:

De Zwervende Keien – Wooden Shoes In Tirol
In this piece they‘ve tried to combine the erotic aspect of Dutch folk dances with the atmosphere in German and Austrian soft porn movies.

Boat Behind

Kings of Convenience – The Boat Behind.

I really keep repeating myself but this clip is too nice not to share it with you :) . Just the right mood for the fading summer…


This time I would like to share two songs of the latest Tomte release called ‚Heureka‘. It came out already last october and I have it floating on my digital mess for a great while now before I finally got into it. The two songs below are definitely my favorite ones.

Wie ein Planet


Nichts ist so schön auf der Welt wie betrunken traurige Musik zu hören

The first song is definitely in the ‚old style‘ of Tomte yet still very nice. The second one is something new – in my opinion at least. It can be translated as ‚There’s nothing better in the world than listening to sad music when being drunk‘. Some people even say that the intrumental parts are similar to old Oasis recordings. Could be right but anyway it’s great.

And please don‘t make any wrong assumptions here. I‘m about to leave this crazy town for the weekend so I‘m anything but sad :)


I have Gulag Orkestar‘ on my MP3 player for a really long time now and I also mentioned the band ‚Beirut‘ before. Phil posted some videos of the wonderful ‚Blogothèque‘ including a clip from Beirut. So I started looking around for ways to watch the videos (Youtube is still blocked) and found that Zach Condon, the founder and lead-singer of Beirut, released a new album just this year with the title ‚March of the Zapotec – Realpeople Holland EP‘. Half of the album contains new Beirut songs but the second half was very interesting as well. ‚Realpeople‘ is the artist name Zach Condon used for recordings he‘d done before ‚Beirut‘. It’s a lot more electronic and extremely different to Beirut but it’s great nonetheless.

Realpeople – No Dice

very good instrumental track that has a ’slight hint‘ of 8Bit (Nintendo sound) in it…

The Concubine

Beirut once again with an amazing sound


Well once again only a music share. This time it’s a piece that my dear brother discovered and showed me a while ago.
‚Gustav‘ is the name of a ‚music project‘ initiated by Eva Jantschitsch from Vienna. Her music is a mixture of electronic sounds with very nice vocal parts – mainly in German. The song below is a very modern cover of the protest song ‚We shall overcome‘.

Gustav – We shall overcome


We went to Guangzhou [goo ang joe] for one day since it is only about 1 1/2 hours by train from Shenzhen. It wasn‘t much impressive in my opinion despite some parts appearing quite lovely. We soon found out though that the buildings in this part of town were ‚left-over‘ from the British Colonial time. Maybe I haven‘t caught the ’spirit of the city‘ in such a short time but the air was smoggy and most of what you see is very similar to other chinese cities in this size. At least they have some historial places spread around town including several temples, a Mausoleum, etc. compared to Shenzhen which has about..well..maybe none.
But Guangzhou wasn‘t the main reason to write about today. On the train back to Shenzhen I was listening to some recordings I had made with my little MP3 player during the last maybe 1 year. First of all I was quite impressed about the quality of most of the recordings. But secondly I had great fun remembering the situation I recorded a clip. As I usually take many photos and keep filling up my hard drives with incredible amounts of photos since the digital technology reached me this ’sound travel‘ somehow surprised me today. Also because I know that I wasn‘t realizing this back then. And third I just like the way you have the little noises and then people talking – especially in the second clip with the music.


I recorded this while waiting in line to get some information about a train ticket from Belgrade further on. An old man was in front of me and it must have taken him about 10 min. to find out everything he needed. This was – surprisingly – the most clear recording I had.



Before I took the bus to Vienna from Belgrade I was in a small cafe and tried to kill time. I can remember that I sat there for quite some time and at some point they started playing the ‚Modern Talking‘ album with ‚Brother Louie‘ coming up – in terms of music the 80s and 90s have really never left the Balkans.
A while back I discovered an entry in my notebook from the same cafe – I suppose same day then – where I wrote down about the menu of this place. They offered „Mafin & Braoni“… Chris suggested that we should start a fashion label with this name after I told him about it :)

Franz Ferdinand

I definitely listened to Franz Ferdinand too much when they came out with the first albums so I wasn‘t too anxious to listen to their latest release. But just like the Beastie Boys with their latest album ‚The Mix Up‘ (that came out already in 2007) the new Franz Ferdinand album ‚Tonight: Franz Ferdinand‘ really surprised me. It is not as much a change in style as the Beastie Boys did but there are certainly some songs that sound fairly new.
The one song that I like the most is called ‚Feel the Envy‘ which is the last song of the album. It starts off very slowly with an almost dub-like sound at some point adding a nice vocal part (with the very recognizable ‚Franz Ferdinand voice‘) and fades out with a faster rhythm that reminded me much more of the old songs again. I would say it’s a great combination and certainly something new.

Franz Ferdinand – Feel the Envy

Blessed House

Once again ‚only‘ music…I‘ll try to keep it down a little bit in the next days but I found some really good stuff lately. This one is once again from a so-called ‚netlabel‘ that provides really lovely music for free. The label is called Budabeats and is located in Budapest. The song that I found the label through comes from a hip hop duo called ‚Blessed House‘ from Leeds, UK.
So yes good music doesn‘t need to cost a lot of money 8-) .

Blessed House – Debt Collector


After all this critical talk I would like to share some more music that I ‚discovered‘ not long ago. It’s the latest album from Moby with the title ‚Wait for Me‘ that came out in June this year. The whole album is very ambient maybe even a little melancholic but very nice again.
I came across this album when I read an article about Moby speaking up against the Music industries. He put a free download of the song ‚Shot in the Back of the Head‘ on his website. The funny thing is that exactly this song was the one that was sold the most once the album was released in Apples iTunes shop. To him (and to myself) this clearly shows that the argument ‚the internet is killing the music industries with [illegal] downloads‘ is not completely true. Another article that I read a while ago stated more or less the same. It was a discussion between an artist, a music producer and a spokesman for a big music label. Both artist as well as producer came to the conclusion that the industries had simply failed to adapt their business to modern times. And once again a company that didn‘t start with music showed how it could work: Apple with the iTunes store that was a huge success right from the beginning.


‚Shot in the Back of the Head‘ with a nice animation clip from the amazing David Lynch.

And this is an excerpt of the album as a stream player so without the need to fill up your hard drive with illegal downloads 8-) .

Pearls of Joy

Pearls of Joy – Gloria

yet another song from the Comfort Stands Label that just came up in ‚random‘ mode in my playlist while I was writing the entry below. I think it has a little bit of a melancholic melody that fits the topic before…
The song is part of the compilation ‚Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka‘ (click to download).

Kings of Convenience

Not just that a new ‚Whitest Boy Alive‘ album came out earlier this year Erlend Øye seems to be working on a new album of the ‚Kings of Convenience‘ as well. The two songs that they have on Myspace already sound great and I‘m definitely looking forward to the new release planned for this October.
For more information and free downloads of live recordings etc. check out the official ‚appreciation page‘.

Mrs. Cold

Boat Behind

Paul Kalkbrenner

„Music is like a good meal, best when shared.“

Thank you Andi for this lovely quote and of course for the great music.
Paul Kalkbrenner is a Berlin-based minimal/house/techno DJ and actor. He happened to be at the Fusion Festival as well but in 2001 which was just a few years before I got interested in it…8-).
The song below is the opener of the soundtrack album of the movie ‚Berlin Calling‘ directed by Hannes Stöhr that came out in 2008 and ‚covers‘ the electronic music scene of Berlin with Paul Kalkbrenner himself in the leading act. I haven‘t seen the movie but the music is really great.

Aaron [Original Mix]

Phoenix…yet again

I know I mentioned Phoenix not long ago just when their latest album came out. And the song I put back then ‚Lisztomania‘ really is great but I have the two following songs on my MP3 player since then and I got ’stuck‘ listening to them on the last trip (nope no iPod with 100000000 songs yet). I really like them…




Twizzle – Barefoot Girl

Yet another very lovely summer tune from the album ‚Soda Fountain‘ that came out on the free online label ‚Comfort Stand‘. It’s definitely worth a look on their website. Some of the music is rather experimental but that’s the perfect place for this music then.
Download the Album here

Ghostly Swim

I came again across this very nice album today and couldn‘t stop listening to the two songs below.

Mux Mool – Night Court

Deastro – Light Powered

You can listen or even download (yes it’s LEGAL) the whole album right HERE.


Beirut – Postcards from Italy




(I can download the Youtube video watch it and then copy the Link from the website if you wonder now how I can still see this video)