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Athens Photo Festival

Athens Photo Festival 2015

After a long decision process I just found out that my photo book ‚Ani. between pride and decay‘ has been chosen to be on display at the Athens Photo Festival this year. Quite an honour given the (although long) list of fellow photographers who are displayed as well.

See more here or here.

Read more at the festival Website.

Oto Ceyhun

On the first day I met Ersin he had to go to get his russian Lada checked at a repair shop outside of Kars. Since I didn‘t have much else to do I joined him. The guys at the workshop didn‘t mind me taking photos. In fact, they even asked to get their pictures taken. It was obviously nothing compared to the car dealers in Europe. While the first thing they do is plug your car into a computer to check for errors in Turkey they still just use pure manpower to fix any problem. And problems could be small like in Ersin’s case or bigger like the crashed car outside that was being rebuilt out of 5 different cars. Before he started the mechanic lit up his cigarette with the blow-torch that he used for welding.

Any violation will be reported!

Ah I love Germany :) .

green switch room

historical switch room at Romonta factory — still in use today


God isn‘t here

god isn't here

preview …


yet another preview of my recent semester project … more to follow next year :)

gold, gold, golden reindeer … yey it’s christmas soon

golden reindeer

oh so beautiful gold …

golden lamp 01

golden lamp 02

grey blocks

appartment skyscraper in Paris

brotlose Kunst?

brotlose Kunst?

brotlose Kunst refers to art not being able to feed the artist … I shot the photo at the C.A.R. (contemporary Art Ruhr) fair in Essen a few weeks ago. The fair was all about selling artworks and I would say most of the pieces were more decorative than anything else, so perfectly made for the sense to sell it for a doctor or a lawyers office, in that sense I suppose it is nourishing the artist — at least to some degree … I wasn‘t too excited about the fair but I like the photo :) .


Tocotronic — Gehen die Leute auf der Straße

It’s already from 1997 but always a pleasure when you try make your way across a christmas market listening to it on headphones — Are the people on the street actually walking that slow on purpose?

lady in red

woman in red coat

La Défense

La Défense

La Défense is a large area of skyscrapers mainly housing offices in the north west of Paris. In the night it really appears like a mountain range or an island sticking out of the lit sea of houses.

Paris Paris

Eiffel tower at night

Yet another „iconic“ photo – the Eiffel tower at night …

Zeche Zollverein

Zeche Zollverein has been photographed already a million times and yet I did it as well – it’s quite an amazing place …

Zeche Zollverein 01

Zeche Zollverein 02

Zeche Zollverein 03

Zeche Zollverein 04

Zeche Zollverein 05


carpet-mantled shower in hotel room

Must be one of the best showers I‘ve seen so far. The 70’s colors and the striped carpet really added up to a wonderful „image“ in this tiny hotel room in Essen. Somehow gives it a luxurious touch since this type of „free-standing“ shower is usually found in loft appartments …

stepping through the rabbit

graffiti rabbit at the VEB Grabo Druck in Halle
© 2013, Orestia Kapidani

dog in a window

dog overlooking Travessa Amoeira in Lisboa


Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Belém, Lisboa

Plan F – second round!


into the corner


click to enlarge …

blue door


click to enlarge …

The flood

About 1,5 months ago Halle and many other towns and villages have been severely flooded … Fortunately enough with the big help of the inhabitants damage wasn‘t as bad as it could‘ve been.

Tough life

©2013, Raisa Galofre

Sabine told me that she believes this photo is basically the allegory for our studies … Well it’s definitely a tough life. Have you tried taking a photo while not dropping your ice cream?

The photo was taken in a small town near Arles while we were on excursion.

Was einmal war

So this is it, my recent project, showing house walls – so-called fire walls („Brandmauern“) – that are usually invisible as long as two buildings are right next to each other. Once one building disappears you can often see the shape of it still on the existing house. Here in Halle I found about 35 of these wall marks … The photos below is my selection that had been shown at the big summer exhibition at the Burg Giebichenstein last weekend.

street signs

I‘ve always been a big fan of street signage – obviously also the rather „strange“ one …

Arles in Black

Last week I had the great pleasure to visit Arles and the famous „Rencontres d‘Arles“ photo festival. The city was wonderful, the photo festival amazing and the weather perfect. So besides seeing many of the most recent works of the worlds most famous photographers we could spend some time relaxing and enjoying the Provence sun.
I took a great ton of photos and this is just a start – I guess I will post more in the near future. For now just a couple of black and white shots as this years theme of the festival was „Arles in Black“…

Great! This Way …

death of a bird …


Here’s a short preview of my recent project … soon to be more …


A few posts back I showed a very tiny preview of the project I did last semester. So here is short description and part of my work. Within the project frame „Hommage to Edweard Muybridge“ I basically stumbled across sign language and its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously sign language was invented because of deafness but it nonetheless has become a very strong and independent means of communication. What most struck me was the ability to visualize sounds. Being deaf doesn‘t mean not hearing anything – its more about the „band of sound frequencies“ that is shortened with deaf people. So of course sign language had to come up with a way to describe sounds as well. Being a fully visual based language the situation or sound is being visualized one-to-one. But sign language also gives the possibility to communicate the intensity of the sound itself. Mimicry and movement is intensified to talk about a louder sound, e.g. … In spoken language we rather describe the sound instead of „imitating“ it.

I had the great chance to work together with two deaf women who helped me realize a set of animation clips that on the one hand show the sign language and on the other hand include the actual sound being communicated.

My favourite clip is the one below featuring Steffi who showed me how the sign language for a bursting balloon is made.


ok, it really is a bit „kitschy“ but it’s actually quite close to reality – it barely got dark and dawn set in at around 3 am

a tourist with a lovely beard enjoying the view towards the city from the Museum of Modern Art

a visit to Stockholm should include a visit of the Vasa museum which hosts the famous war ship that sunk immediately after it had been launched from the docks …

Bamberg, etc.

On our way to Bamberg we took a short break at „Mödlareuth“ – the village that used to be similar to Berlin – divided in east and west and cut by the „Berlin wall“. Today the town hosts a decent museum and an outdoor section of the wall and its watchtowers. At the „Grenzgänger“ (border crosser), the local bar and restaurant, you get this rather strange view of the playground with the watchtower in the back.

… tourists in the „rose garden“ right next to the cathedral of Bamberg

I really didn‘t understand what they‘re trying to sell here („pork steak from salmon“) …

Franconia seems to be all about meat in its local cuisine …


I suppose uploading some random photos is better than not doing anything … so here are two lovely „hunters stands“ – „Hochsitze“.

There are trees!

Bella Italia

It’s been already a month that we‘ve come back from Italy but I finally managed to upload the photos and see if they‘re any good. So I figured it would be time for yet another post. Since Sabine is in the childrens book business we decided to go to the Bologna Children Book Fair. Unfortunately – as most of you know – the weather was fairly shitty these days so visiting the city wasn‘t really a wonderful activity. The fair itself was nice though. I guess it can be also called the illustrators fair. Along with book companies a big illustration exhibition was basically the „centerpiece“ of the fair.
Even though it wasn‘t the best time with rain and wind, Bologna really seemed like a great city and I‘ll definitely try to get back there someday.

That’s more or less the only photo I took at the fair – not really a great shot but I did like the illustration of the city of Macao.

After Bologna we took the train towards the coast. Well not the coast near Rimini but on the opposite side north of Pisa. The region is fairly famous and even though the weather didn‘t quite change for the next days it was already full of tourists. But the reason is obvious – Cinque Terre is really beautiful. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site the villages along the small coastal stretch are supposedly still in their original state. We had our room in Vernazza and once the rain stopped and the sun came out we walked all across the narrow streets and up the green hills to the next village.

I‘m desperately looking for the sun …

While I was waiting for yet another train that was (about 2 hours) late a huge rainbow appeared on the sky …

… and the next day we really had sun!