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I just went to the flea market and simply couldn‘t resist when I saw this treasure: a beautiful metallic-red steel frame, 28″ chrome wheels, 3-Speed „gear-box“ that is working very smooth, a carrier that works fine for a second person (we tried right away), ecc.

The seller told me that it comes from the late 60s. So far I couldn‘t find out anything about the brand, ‚President‘ from Austria, but it’s definitely an old bike and it’s in great condition. I really had to have it and to be honest it is majestic to ride :)

The only part I don‘t like is the headlight which is quite ugly but since the light isn‘t working anyway I might just change it to a nicer looking model.

Haslach // Lido

lovely Haslach architecture just below Mt. Kohlern

camper housing behind the highway bridge

official mailboxes underneath the highway bridge



the Lido (public pool) in Spring time – a little spooky without anyone