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grey blocks

appartment skyscraper in Paris

brotlose Kunst?

brotlose Kunst?

brotlose Kunst refers to art not being able to feed the artist … I shot the photo at the C.A.R. (contemporary Art Ruhr) fair in Essen a few weeks ago. The fair was all about selling artworks and I would say most of the pieces were more decorative than anything else, so perfectly made for the sense to sell it for a doctor or a lawyers office, in that sense I suppose it is nourishing the artist — at least to some degree … I wasn‘t too excited about the fair but I like the photo :) .


Tocotronic — Gehen die Leute auf der Straße

It’s already from 1997 but always a pleasure when you try make your way across a christmas market listening to it on headphones — Are the people on the street actually walking that slow on purpose?

lady in red

woman in red coat

La Défense

La Défense

La Défense is a large area of skyscrapers mainly housing offices in the north west of Paris. In the night it really appears like a mountain range or an island sticking out of the lit sea of houses.

Masseur Russe

Masseur Russe

I really don‘t know whether a russian masseur is what I need – somehow rather makes me think of massacring … ;)

Paris Paris

Eiffel tower at night

Yet another „iconic“ photo – the Eiffel tower at night …

Zeche Zollverein

Zeche Zollverein has been photographed already a million times and yet I did it as well – it’s quite an amazing place …

Zeche Zollverein 01

Zeche Zollverein 02

Zeche Zollverein 03

Zeche Zollverein 04

Zeche Zollverein 05


carpet-mantled shower in hotel room

Must be one of the best showers I‘ve seen so far. The 70’s colors and the striped carpet really added up to a wonderful „image“ in this tiny hotel room in Essen. Somehow gives it a luxurious touch since this type of „free-standing“ shower is usually found in loft appartments …