Bella Italia

It’s been already a month that we‘ve come back from Italy but I finally managed to upload the photos and see if they‘re any good. So I figured it would be time for yet another post. Since Sabine is in the childrens book business we decided to go to the Bologna Children Book Fair. Unfortunately – as most of you know – the weather was fairly shitty these days so visiting the city wasn‘t really a wonderful activity. The fair itself was nice though. I guess it can be also called the illustrators fair. Along with book companies a big illustration exhibition was basically the „centerpiece“ of the fair.
Even though it wasn‘t the best time with rain and wind, Bologna really seemed like a great city and I‘ll definitely try to get back there someday.

That’s more or less the only photo I took at the fair – not really a great shot but I did like the illustration of the city of Macao.

After Bologna we took the train towards the coast. Well not the coast near Rimini but on the opposite side north of Pisa. The region is fairly famous and even though the weather didn‘t quite change for the next days it was already full of tourists. But the reason is obvious – Cinque Terre is really beautiful. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site the villages along the small coastal stretch are supposedly still in their original state. We had our room in Vernazza and once the rain stopped and the sun came out we walked all across the narrow streets and up the green hills to the next village.

I‘m desperately looking for the sun …

While I was waiting for yet another train that was (about 2 hours) late a huge rainbow appeared on the sky …

… and the next day we really had sun!