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I don‘t know how many people are actually reading this and I don‘t know how many people actually now that I arrived in Halle in Eastern Germany just about two weeks ago to start my Master in Photography?!
Anyway today we had an introduction on how to use the fancy negative scanner at the university. We had to bring some negatives so I took the only roll of film I found. It was a roll that I had develoved just shortly after I had found the roll in my old camera bag. It turned out to be a roll that I must have shot in 2004. The film had gone bad after all these years (which explains the grain) but I still like the look of these photos even though they look like they‘re from a long time ago. I was in Brasil in 2004 to visit Guilherme and his brother Johnny I had known from a High-School year in the U.S. I took these two photos in Rio de Janeiro at one of the biggest Favelas of the city. I can‘t remember which one it was I just remember that special tours were organised for tourists to show them around and make them understand that the favelas – at least the big ones in Rio – are well-functioning (social) „microcosms“ or maybe even „parallel“ worlds that exist as a counterpart to the middle and upper class quarters. All three more or less require each other and in this sense it is a really „harsh“ cut between the the „worlds“ compared to Germany. But in any case these places are not just the „ghettos“ but instead really flourishing centers of the town.

This shows a view from the favela down to the beach where the „rich“ people live. On the mountain in the left part of the photo you get a glimpse of the Jesus statue. The location of many favelas in Rio is really nice since they are being built into national parks that fall under city administration.

The lower half shows the favela, the upper part shows again the beach and the skyscraper-sea-view-appartment-blocks.

I will scan some more in the next days …

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  1. 1 Philipp 21. Oktober 2012 um 15:10 Uhr

    Hey Jan, schön mal wieder einen Blogpost von dir zu sehen. Vor allem mit Bildern. Hoffe, dass das jetzt mit deinem Fotografiestudium auch noch mehr wird! ;)

    Grüße aus Mainz und auf bald in Halle!?

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