Kodak to Graph

Yesterday I was skipping through some new music and came across a musician called „Kodak to Graph“. Since I haven‘t posted any new music I discovered (and it’s not that I haven‘t discovered any new music lately, rather I haven‘t posted anything) I would like to share a particular song called „He/Basement“ that somehow struck me. Considering the mood this song conveys I think it perfectly fits to the idea of the train video clip I shared not long ago. The song is floating along keeping a certain melancholy that’s somehow not giving a depressed feeling. Well ok the train clip is different because it creates a feeling of restlessness in a more bustling way though being reduced to mere shapes in black and white. This song is obviously a lot more „laid-back“ but feels similar to me. I think it creates the kind of feeling when you‘re on the road for too long and simply don‘t care anymore. It might be uncomfortable, it might tiring but yet it doesn‘t matter because you somehow feel good at it. I suppose sometimes it’s just nice not to reach a destination but rather keep moving.

I almost forgot to mention that the Kodak to Graphs EP Visio‘l is free to download or at Bad Panda Records.