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Well yes it is summer once again and while most of you are probably enjoying a nice vacation I‘m already back to normal for a week, melting away in front of the computer at work.
But hey I finally took the chance to see some more of Europe and got my dad’s big Mercedes to visit France. Our southern most point was Donostia or San Sebastian in the Spanish part of the Basque Country. The photos below are taken from „Urgull“, a hill formerly used as a strategic defence point, now giving tourists sight across the city and its beautiful beaches.


It’s already out for a bit now but if you get hands on a recent Deuter catalogue (I suppose German only) you will be able to find some photos we took on our trip to Iceland last year. We managed to „test-walk“ their backpacks and other gear in exchange for the photos they can use in their promo-material. I‘m very happy with the backpack, though it’s huge, and I‘m fairly happy we we‘re actually chosen to be printed :) .

This is already up for a lot longer, click the image to see the website.

Beirut – A Candle’s Fire

Beirut – A Candle’s Fire

About two years ago when I read that Zack Condon, the lead-singer of Beirut, stopped his tour after he had encountered a tremendous success with his band, I was a little sad not having been able to visit a single concert. Well good news came just a few weeks ago when a new album was announced. It’s already possible to pre-listen the whole album and I can highly recommend it. The above song is the opener to the new album The Rip Tide, the song below the second song that is wonderful as well :) .

Beirut – Santa Fe