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special guest

We had a real shooting star in our little improvised photo studio last night. I think he really enjoyed being under the spotlight.

The Apples in Stereo

It’s sunday morning, the weather is extremely shitty and I‘m already back at where I‘m most of the time – my studio at the university. Time is still running – how could it be different? – and I‘m finally turning into a workaholic maniac who is barely meeting his flatmate (we talk on skype though :D ) and really only goes home to sleep. Fortunate enough I‘m not the only one, we‘re at least 3 here at the university outpost far off the city center (far in Bolzano measures).
So while I started preparing my day and thinking what my steps for today were I came across a nice song on the radio.
The Band is called „The Apples in Stereo“, yet another American Indie Rock Band that apparently exists for quite a while now (since 1991). I haven‘t listened to more of their music but the song „Floating in Space“ sounds promising, though not revolutionary.

The Apples in Stereo – Floating in Space

Belle & Sebastian

It’s not the first time that I mention „Belle & Sebastian“, I think but while I was sorting through the mess of my many hard drives (I just got one replaced) I came across the great album „Push Barman To Open Old Wounds“ and was listening to it while working. Most of the music is just swinging in the background but then „I love my car“ came up which is definitely a highlight on the album.

Other than that there won‘t be too many news at the moment since time is really running up (5 weeks to go until I have the presentation).