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Bicycle Portraits

Stephanie Baker

It seems to be all about bicycles lately… So what? Bicycles are great. Martin just sent me a link to the „Bicycle Portraits“ from South Africa. The website is full of very nice photos and the stories behind the people riding bikes. Absolutely worth checking out.

The Bicycle Portraits project was initiated by Stan Engelbrecht (Cape Town, South Africa) and Nic Grobler (Johannesburg, South Africa) early in 2010. Whenever they can, together or separately, they’re on the lookout for fellow commuters, and people who use bicycles as part of their everyday work, to meet and photograph.

Gil Scott Heron

It really took me a while to get into it but the music is definitely amazing. Gil Scott Heron, apparently in the business for a long time (shame on me that I didn‘t know), just recently released his new album „I‘m new here“. Mario sent me the link for the clip below which reminds me a bit of Clockwork Orange.

me and the devil – Gil Scott Heron

that’s why

bicycle benefits

I guess I‘m in a bicycle-loving mood but I liked this little drawing. I just bought my 4th bike, the „President“, and there are still some models that I would like to get or at least ride for a while :)

via fixpatrix

bike accessory

I just came across this very easy and still nice solution of a bicycle basket. It’s made by Mio Design a company from Philadelphia specialised on Eco Design.
I like the look of it but was wondering whether the laser cut metal sheet is that much more ecological compared to a regular basket. The energy used in the production process is assumably high but then again the welding of regular baskets is probably taking a lot of energy either.

via fixpatrix


Interpol just released a new song called „Lights“ which is even free to download.

Interpol – Lights

Darwin Deez

„Radar Detector“ by Darwin Deez is constantly up on and then the video was posted on The song is nice and the video is funny so that’s why I thought it deserves to be posted.

Check out Myspace for more music, DNA is a great song as well.

thesis website

Well it’s done, the website for my final thesis project is online. I wrote before that my topic is ‚travel‘ or ‚journey‘ so I ended up with the idea of creating a magazine that includes more or less exceptional travel stories. Unlike other travel magazines that try to inform their readers about certain countries giving them hints on where to stay or when to travel, I aim to put the traveler in the centre. Traveling cannot be experienced in the exact same ways others did. There is no conformity so to say.

I‘m still at the beginning of the actual design process but to reach potential authors and readers I decided to launch a website already that serves as an example and showcase of what I have in mind.

The first issue will cover the topic ‚freedom of travel‘ so if anyone who is reading this would like to contribute a story, photos, etc. feel free to contact me and I will tell you more. Contributions are certainly possible in English as well.

Sorry though that the website and the magazine will be in German.


I just went to the flea market and simply couldn‘t resist when I saw this treasure: a beautiful metallic-red steel frame, 28″ chrome wheels, 3-Speed „gear-box“ that is working very smooth, a carrier that works fine for a second person (we tried right away), ecc.

The seller told me that it comes from the late 60s. So far I couldn‘t find out anything about the brand, ‚President‘ from Austria, but it’s definitely an old bike and it’s in great condition. I really had to have it and to be honest it is majestic to ride :)

The only part I don‘t like is the headlight which is quite ugly but since the light isn‘t working anyway I might just change it to a nicer looking model.