Although Cuba was among the socialist friends of the GDR it was of course almost impossible to travel there. Interflug, the one and only East German flight carrier, had flights to Cuba in its program but the price for a plane ticket was certainly way too high for the average income.
And not only that it was impossible to reach the island the distribution of books was also highly limited. The photos below show a photo book from 1964 by VEB Brockhaus Publishing. We found it on a street market a few years back and gave it to our parents. A little note inside quotes that it was formerly a present to somebody working in the publishers business.

‚In acknowledgement for your help in the design and publication of our company paper.‘

The socialist education is of course never far – the description of the photos translates to ‚For Zafra, the harvest of sugar cane, thousands of volunteers go to the countryside. – The liberated Cuban farmers work together in a state-owned farm.‘