all my bags are packed

Once again it’s been done before but it was still interesting to see what I usually take with me as ‚essential‘ luggage. One thing in the image is already wrong – my camera equipment is much bigger. Here I only put the small camera in the lower part as example. Other that that I carry the usual in my big red backpack: some clothes (including shoes, underwear and weather-proof pants and jacket), passport, headphones and MP3 Player, a cellphone (as alarm clock, usually not as a phone), a pocket knife, a pen and notebook, a toothbrush and -paste, a very handy sewing kit (served me already many times), super glue (also this can help in the worst case), a book, a towel, my house keys, a bag for daily use (camera bag, etc.), sunglasses and some spare shoe laces.

I wonder how far I could reduce it and still be able to help me out in the most situations?!

3 Antworten auf “all my bags are packed”

  1. 1 Piem 19. April 2010 um 15:25 Uhr

    I‘ll get you a Swiss knife sometimes ;)

  2. 2 heilewelt 19. April 2010 um 19:55 Uhr

    Come on Piem, I do have my Opinel with me all the time so there is really no need for a swiss knife :)

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