Archiv für März 2010

studio view

‚Just‘ another video clip, this time a time-lapse I made from a pile of photos I took out of my studio window. So yes, this is my view, it’s quite a luxury I admit.

*** Update: same song different perspective and shot at dawn – unfortunately it’s getting a little shaky once the exposure is getting longer

type in auction

The second ‚big‘ event of last week was the ‚typo auction‘ initiated by Martin. For his last semester project ‚UN-TYPE-ISCH‘ he collected letters from old neon signs and used them to create a book about typography that has a great 3D effect when using colored glasses.
After taking photos of the letters they were ’stuck‘ in our studio for a while until he decided to sell them in an auction and give the money to Designistan (our unofficial student group) to finance our blog, etc.

I was recording with very shaky hands and ‚editing the video afterwards.

The Great Eiermann Competition

We finally did it we had our first Ping Pong Competition at the university. The Competition table was a regular Eiermann table we have in our studios. It was a great success with 14 people participating actively and many spectators stopping by to have a beer or watch the games.

Sara & Martin as well as myself filmed during the whole evening, I did the ‚editing‘ afterwards. I like the rather ‚trashy‘ style very much but I have to admit that it is due to the little time I have to edit it properly. And besides it fits into the image of the evening and Simones pink bike tights :)

thesis, studio, weird neighbors, summer’s approaching etc.

It’s almost one week now that I have my studio at the university ‚outpost‘ for my thesis. One week without much progress except on the theoretic part but even though the time is short the first week should be used for adapting to the new situation I guess :) .
Well this post is just to show how much time I use for doing non-thesis nonsense work together with drinking coffee next door and so on.

my strange neighbors ;)

White Rabbits

Nothing spectactularly innovative, neither video nor song but it’s still great to listen to. White Rabbits with Percussion Gun

heile Welt shirts

I spent some time in the silkscreen lab yesterday and made new ‚heile Welt‘ shirts. It’s a very limited edition so if you‘re interested send an e-Mail to heilewelt2010 [at] (prizes are negotiable)

male shirts are available in the colors above (light blue w/ neon green & brown w/ light yellow) in sizes medium & large

female shirts in a darker blue (don‘t have a photo, yet) and the same brown, sizes medium, small & large

The shirts are 100% cotton in a really good quality.

it’s done

Monday was the opening for the exhibition ‚Persianissimo‘, an exhibition of about 50 posters made by iranian artists and graphic designers. By coincidence I became part with an own photo exhibition. I was a little late with everything and then of course the technical problems occured so in the end everything was finished by the time of the opening.
I chose to display only black & white photos on the one hand for aesthetic reasons ;) and on the other hand because a selection of these photos was used for a magazine article in ROest Magazine (#39) from Rotterdam (I wrote about that last year). As I had to say it during the ‚vernissage‘ also, it was not my intention to go and take these photos and I did not follow a certain topic. The photos are my personal travel documentation and are therefore taken in a spontaneous matter.

The press was quite positive about my photos also (unfortunately only in Italian):

CASA – Corriere della Sera
Press Release –

Iran – exhibition

Next monday – 08/03/2010 – I have the great opportunity to open* my first photo exhibition at the university. On display will be black & white photos from my trip to Iran last year. I‘m not quite sure about the closing day but I guess it will be on for about 3 weeks.

*if I will manage to print and hang everything until monday :) Time is running and nothing is working out so far.