I‘m more and more thinking about my upcoming thesis and started writing down any kind of thought that seems appropriate for my topic. In general the topic will be ‚travel‘ or ‚journey‘ which sound and are actually quite huge terms that don‘t really give me a point to start. Or I simply would need to choose a ’sub-topic‘ and start from there which of course seems easier to find than it is. I still have time to cut it down a little but then again I would like to do that soon.
So this morning I had a question in mind that is a little abstract but follows the idea of ‚Fischli/Weiß':

„If my mind is traveling can I say I‘m on vacation?“

Well I didn‘t find an answer, yet. Maybe I will be soon…

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  1. 1 martin 09. Februar 2010 um 14:46 Uhr

    Erinnert mich an ein Gedicht von Brecht:

    Der Radwechsel

    Ich sitze am Straßenhang.
    Der Fahrer wechselt das Rad.
    Ich bin nicht gern, wo ich herkomme.
    Ich bin nicht gern, wo ich hinfahre.
    Warum sehe ich den Radwechsel
    mit Ungeduld?

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