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the peak

I was just messing around with a photo I took last week on the peak we walked up to. I like it.


another short clip I made for a friend at the university, this time even with recorded audio (the actual quality is pretty good, when rendering it for the web it was messed up a little)

mission accomplished

I was on a rescue mission sunday morning and boy I was lucky…I recovered my lost snow shoe just below the peak. Luckily there wasn‘t too much snow on it so we could see it.
The weather was perfect too so basically a great day.

lucky me with the missing snow shoe

Turbo Ping Pong

Another day, another video this time a turbo version of a ping pong match in our atelier. I even won the game!


Phantogram – When I‘m small

Phantogram is a band of two from Greenwich, New York that published their first album in 2009. I discovered them yesterday while looking for something else and was really amazed by their music. When it comes to comparisons I guess Portishead and maybe also Goldfrapp (click on the name to see an example) should be named.

Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds (Live on KEXP)

video test

Before I came back to Europe I really couldn‘t resist and scraped together all my money to get a new camera, an awesome Canon 7D. Some photos on here come already from it but now I have a premiere. I have to admit that I‘m far from being satisfied with the end result but I really didn‘t have the time and will to get more into the video function of the camera. The scenes are recorded off the roof from our university, my room and the weekly market on saturday. The quality of the videos I think is pretty amazing (from the technical point of view), the way I filmed it is still developable ;) .

snowy days

Another great Christmas present that I got in 2009 was a pair of snow shoes which came to use for the first time this morning. We managed to get up very early and head for the ‚Rittner Horn‘, an about 2200m high peak just outside of Bolzano. While it was raining in the city at the time we left it was snowing pretty much all the way up. Being so early we were really the first ones to reach the peak by foot to then see a great winter panorama of the Dolomites. The ride down was not the best powder ride I had but it was still fun except to the point when we realized that I had lost one of my snow shoes that were attached to my backpack. Well I went up again and tried to find it which was useless at this point since the clouds had conquered the mountain. I didn‘t see a difference between the ground and the sky and kept falling which eventually led to strong cursing and last but not least I wasn‘t successful in my search either. Up to this point it was a lot of fun and I‘ll probably have to walk up there again tomorrow and restart my search (Max will borrow me his snow shoes..I sure hope I don‘t lose one again :) ).


I was watching the new animation movie Avatar yesterday, unfortunately not the 3D version of it, and while I was watching it I had a question in mind that I discussed with my brother earlier today.

The question is simply ‚Can birds fly loops?‘

My brother and I came to the conclusion that physically they should be able because their weight-wing-size-ratio is pretty good as opposed to planes which are not always able to fly loops (just check the Microsoft Flight Simulator and you‘ll notice how hard it will be to loop a Boing 787 and similar). But unfortunately this is not the answer because the wings of birds are very different to those of planes. The wing of a bird is creating the upward as well as the forward force to get up in the air. Planes have turbines or propellers to do so and have the wings fixed to the body without the ability to move (except maybe some early versions of planes which weren‘t very successful).
Max suggested to ask the internet – WolframAlpha – to get an answer but it didn‘t work either. Google was the only site that linked to possible answers so I found out that the hummingbird can fly upside down for a short time, no loops though.

One guy wrote a very nice answer:

I do not have a definitive answer to your question, but the following story suggests they can not. After all, birds fly for a living, not for fun, and the ability to loop probably would not help them find their next meal.

Well who says that birds have no fun when flying? Maybe they haven‘t realized that they should try flying loops.

Partly Cloudy from Dan Graham on Vimeo.

Wooden Shoes in Tirol

Just came across this song and thought it fits to Bolzano somehow :) . It’s called ‚Wooden Shoes in Tirol‘ and is performed by ‚De Zwervende Keien (The Drifting Boulders)‘. Once again from the netlabel ‚Comfort Stand Recordings‘ out of the Compilation ‚Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka – Porn Music For The Masses Volume 1′

On the website it says the following about it:

De Zwervende Keien – Wooden Shoes In Tirol
In this piece they‘ve tried to combine the erotic aspect of Dutch folk dances with the atmosphere in German and Austrian soft porn movies.


So yes this is 2010 and I‘m still eager to write here. 2010 – a new year and a new decade. Last year has been extremely ‚rich‘ on new experiences and of course it simply keeps going. If nothing goes wrong I‘ll graduate this summer to see myself once again in the state of decision-making for the ‚what’s next‘ question. Obviously I don‘t know what will be but since it has always worked out so far I‘m not too concerned, yet. But let’s switch back to 2009 once again. Christmas was just a few days ago and I got a really nice present from my brother. It’s a comic book titled ‚Shenzhen‘ and was drawn by ‚Guy Delisle‘ a Canadian Comic Artist who spent 3 months in Shenzhen. Despite the very nice drawing style that I really enjoyed reading I found myself in his stories having experienced very similar situations. As I wrote several times before (I believe it was ’several‘ at least) I‘m not unhappy that I went but the more I think about it and the more time passes I realize that it was a very interesting and extremely helpful time but certainly not the happiest time in my life (except maybe some trips in between :) ). Right at the beginning Delisle writes „I kept realizing that it will be a very lonely time here.“ which is luckily not what I can share with him but I understand what he means. The Chinese culture – to me at least – is simply too different and even confusing that I would not consider spending a long amount of time in the country.
The book is a very nice description of a city that is simply absurd to westerners.

Last but not least two rather general examples of the book that anyone traveling in China will probably already notice:

in the elevator

a very common scene in any public space since Chinese are literally addicted to Mobile Phones

(top-bottom – left-right): ‚I‘m once again in China, this time in the South‘ – ‚Last time I spent in Nanking.‘ – ‚I had forgotten all about the smells, the noise, the many people, the dirt, the monotony.‘ – ‚I realized that only the good sides remained in my memories…the exotic…‘ – ‚Time blurs out bad memories, the impressions remain naively positive.‘