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Alright it’s just another quote story no photos or anything. But well it’s almost Christmas and I‘m ’superbusy‘ (this would be the first quote already, an austrian guy told me that not long ago) so only a little story.
A few days ago a friend invited us for dinner. After the eating part we sat and had a few more glasses when suddenly (I‘m dramatizing today :) ) a book came to the table. I don‘t know whose book it was and where it came from but it caught our attention pretty much for the rest of the evening. The book is called ‚Findet mich das Glück?‘ (‚Does luck find me?‘) and was written by the Swiss artist duo Fischli/Weiß. The book is very simple as such containing ‚only‘ a number of questions that might seem strange in the beginning but make you think after a while, some question that make you laugh and some questions that are simply ridiculous. To some degree I guess it can be considered ‚philosophical‘ although I know that philosophy-lovers among us will probably call it ‚hobby-philosophy‘ in a rather negative sense. Well anyway I guess I should make some examples. So here we go:

‚Is my body a motel?‘
‚Why do I know everything better?‘
‚Should I pull off the muffler of my car and drive through the neighborhood?‘
‚I guess 2+2 equals 4, right?‘

I assume you get the idea of it by now. It’s quite fun to read it and discuss the questions with a bottle of red wine. Of course you also start to come up with your own questions. So the one question that I actually tried to ‚only‘ write about today (my quote of the day) is interesting because it works very well in German but once you translate it to English it’s still an interesting question but the whole play of words is not working out anymore.

‚Bin ich glücklich wenn ich Glück habe?‘ – ‚Ist glücklich sein verbunden mit Glück?‘
‚Am I happy when I‘m lucky?‘ – ‚Is being happy connected with luck?‘

I‘m impressed about the length of this entry when I consider the actual content :) .