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another day another quote, this time from Paul Theroux:

Traveling is a process of disappearing
a lonely road
on a thin geographical line,
that leads into oblivion.

Erik Spiekermann

I read a very nice quote today from German graphic designer and typographer Erik Spiekermann:

„I cross the road when the traffic light is red even when children are present. Simply because kids need to learn that red doesn‘t mean anything. They need to check for cars and not just walk when the light is green. I could also simply write ‚rain is prohibited‘ because I want sunlight. Nobody will care about that.“


one of my favorite signs in Turkey/Istanbul…

The translation would be:

‚Danger! There is dog.

No wonder the Turkish have trouble with other languages… ;)


Since I was asked a few times already I will make a ’short‘ photo presentation next Tuesday in atelier0 (at the university in Bolzano) so anyone who is around should stop by :) .

It will be in German though (I can translate and since all students are doomed to learn English as well here it shouldn‘t be a big deal).


I was out of town once again last week and finally started my photo organization and post-production process (again) today and came across this photo. It’s not that I particularly think that it is a great shot and I ‚Photo-Shopped‘ it quite a bit as well but the content made me smile yet again. ‚Hans‘ is the very Chinese name of a beer that was brewed in Xi‘an and sold for a very low price. Since ‚Hans‘ is a very traditional German male name we had great fun (not only because of the alcohol level) especially because we bought a case of 9 pints to survive the lovely 36 hour train ride to Kunming.
And it’s actually not a bad beer. I had much worse beer before that had a much worse price-quality level.

Beijing – Take 2

My strange life ‚in between‘ surprisingly left enough time to sort through photos a little bit so here is the first part of my ‚final trip‘ across China.
We started in Beijing, went south-west to Xi‘an, down all the way to Kunming in Yunnan Province (close to Vietnam and Tibet) and back to Shenzhen to leave the country for a few last days in Hong Kong before heading back to Europe. With a 36 hour train ride from Xi‘an to Kunming you can get an idea of how huge the country really is and how closely inhabited. I think the first time we saw some uninhabited nature – or maybe only with a few farmer houses – was in the southern part of Sichuan Province close to Yunnan already. Before that the sight was highly concentrated on industrial sites (sometimes more or less disturbing).

dragon ’tile‘ artwork in the Forbidden City

red (lantern) decoration for the 60th birthday

chinese mythical creature in the Forbidden City

the military parade was presented on screens anywhere in town (public places, sights, metro, etc.) so people who missed it could still watch it – here near the Olympic Stadium

guard in front of the Olympic Stadium (‚Birds Nest‘)

Tian‘anmen Square at night with HUGE screens showing the military parade…

…and thousands of proud Chinese photographing each other in front of everything – some more, some less excited

I was almost amazed to get a photo with no people that night – and the bike really has a strong symbolic value as well :D

My second time on the Great Wall, again in Jinshanling but this time in autumn cloud

I like the ‚office‘ translation on this rusty sign – I wish the manager would have been there to talk to a little :)

Forbidden City