people of the People’s Republic

I came back to Europe last week after another wonderful trip across China – this time even more ambitious than before crossing almost all the way from the north to the south by train, etc. I will certainly post some more photos in the next days/weeks until I will put this blog into a ‚pause-mode‘. It’s been fun to write and post photos, etc. during the last year also because I was on the road quite some time. Now that I have to settle down (at least for about one year) and eventually finish my studies I‘m sure there is much else to do and prepare for. So thanks to everyone who stopped by to see and read what I had to tell and for the very positive feedback I received (including my little counter which revealed a very suprising ~2300 people visiting this blog since I left Europe in May…ok my advertising wasn‘t the worst either :) ).

For now I thought I should post some photos of people since China is called the ‚People’s Republic‘ and I would say they absolutely deserve this title just in terms of numbers :) .

shortly after the 60th birthday on Tian‘anmen Square

Chinese at what they like most…

farmer woman in Dalì (Yunnan Province)

Xi‘an has a ‚Muslim Quarter‘ where you can find the most delicious culinary treats

on the train from Xi‘an to Kunming (36h) on hard seats – definitely the worker class train travel

old man with a chinese kite in downtown Kunming

farmer washing up spring onions in an irrigation channel in Dalì

CCTTV – Chinese Culture Traditional Transport Vehicle aka rickshaw / bicycle / tricycle :)

apparently a portrait of the Chinese teacher of the last emperor (seen in the Forbidden City in Beijing) – to me it looks like a portrait of a well-fed Brad Pitt

Can you see the opening in the pants? In China diapers just slowly become common. Parents instead cut in these openings and children just do what they have to do wherever they need to – be it just on the street or a supermarket.

a very proud lady in front of the Gate of Heavenly Peace

and some more extremely proud people in front of the Mao Zedong portrait

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