Last weekend I was in Yangshuo (about 700 km north-west from Shenzhen) which is one of the ‚must-see‘ places of China. Most travelers who come in from Hong Kong go straight there without stopping in between. And I really have to say that it was worth going there (despite the crazy night bus rides). The landscape sourrounding Yangshuo is really amazing. We spent most of the time cycling through the rice fields along the river with regular stops to go swimming or take a bamboo raft to lazily float back the way we came.
Before we went I was reading an article about ‚HDR‘ (High Dynamic Range) photography and of course had to try it since I found out that I can easily do it with my own camera (read more HERE). The trick is simply to shoot a range of photos (in my case always 3) of the same scene but all with different adjustments (one image too dark, one too bright and one correct). With the help of a computer you can then create an image that has all three ‚lighting layers‘ calculated together. Of course the output looks slightly unrealistic but the idea is to get closer to the perception of the human eye. A digital camera creates a really high resolution today (even my 3-year-old camera) but it is far from creating an exact image as the human eye does. HDR is a nice way to get at least the different shadows and light situations into one photo that we immediately see when we‘re looking at basically anything. Now of course the resolution is a different thing and I‘m sure it will still take a while until technology is that far.
Below you can see three example photos. I didn‘t play around with colors too much so the outcome I think is still quite natural.
I should finally get a tripod to have some more precise results.