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I found this little program a while ago. But of course it was only for MAC. Greact Success, I finally found a way to use OS X just to find out that they also made this program for Windows now. It’s called Poladroid, more than easy to use and free to download.
I really love these photos.

I‘m walking…

Torture seems to be somewhat of an essential part in my life. Every year I challenge myself to new experiences where other people just shake their heads. This year it was already the second time. After a 42-hour bus ride, which was really tough, I participated on a (more than) half marathon last saturday. The „Kurstadtlauf“ has several disciplines but of course we had to choose the toughest race. It was a 23,2 km race through the woods around the city. Usually I‘m up there on a bike and I sure wished to have one every once in a while. But I made it to the end in a fantastic time of 2:47 hours (the winner ran the distance in 1:32 h, WHAT A FREAK!!). Considering my even tougher training to this race, I went three times running before, I don‘t feel too bad after all. And I also didn‘t finish last (although almost).

this was my starter number