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Pumping Iron with Arnold

‚The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in a gym is the pump! Let’s say you train your biceps blood is rushing into your muscles and that’s what we call the pump. Your muscles get a really tight feeling like your skin is going to explode any minute and it’s really tight it’s like somebody is blowing air into your muscles and it feels different it just feels fantastic. […]‘ – Arnold

Pumping Iron with Arnold
is a full time movie cut together with pieces from youtube. It tells all the secrets about the stupidity of bodybuilding. Oh boy am I glad that Arnold got away from there and finally found a real job…

Jungle Fever

Yet another nice song against bad mood. The Chakachas with Jungle Fever.

Kutiman mixes Youtube

Kutiman mixes Youtube clips together and creates very lovely pieces of music. The quality is not the best due to some home production videos being used but the idea and the result is really amazing.

Iran in black and white

some photos from Iran in black and white (click on the image)

just wait some time it might take a little bit to load everything (click in the corners to see the next picture)


I have to admit I have become really lazy these days but I guess that’s okay. Watching movies can be educating as well. So when I was watching the „Family Guy Movie“ I saw this short sequence that made me laugh. I‘m quite sure back in the days it was a lot easier to trick people.

Jesus in the Family Guy Movie

just wow…

I was really amazed today when I saw my statistics. I‘m the number 26 out of a thousand blogs on Blogsport. 4617 clicks in one day!!! I wonder why that is? Is this information not as useless after all as I believed it was? Is it my recent change to the world language english? Pierre-Marie is it you? In any way…WOW..this is a very touching moment and I just have to thank my audience with a very nice song I recently discovered…

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Whitest Boy Alive

Since I started with some new music I also have to post the wonderful songs from ‚The Whitest Boy Alive‘ who just recently came out with a new album.

Burn of the first album

1517 from the latest album ‚rules‘

Elvis Perkins

Elvis Perkins – While you were sleeping

This is-a very nice-eh mjusic…

Rennpappe ’09

So this year I was one of the lucky people who could participate in the „Rennpappe workshop“. The aim of this workshop was to build a sled out of collected cardboard with the help of white glue and smart connections and compete with it against the other teams in two races (downhill and slalom) in the nearest ski resort. In the beginning teams of two are chosen. My teammate was a German guy from Weimar. Our sled was quite good I would say, Christian even jumped on it and it didn‘t break but on a race as tough as the one we had there are some forces we didn‘t foresee.
As you can see below we crashed in the first run since steering a cardboard sled is not as easy as it seems and for the second race I was litterally running down the slope pushing the sled in front of me.

HERE you can even see a TV clip from an italian TV station

for some reason I only found pictures of 20 of the 26 sleds (click to see bigger size)

before the crash

the slalom „run“

our dramatic crash

some sleds were simply doomed to end up like that; one rule was though that you have to cross the finish line with (almost) all the parts of your sled with you


all music has been deleted….unfortunately…but of course there is youtube and similiar sites that provide me with it…even though the quality is by far not as good…but from the legal poitn of view I should be good


As we were sitting in the kitchen waiting for the „Mokka“ to finish up our coffee we were watching MTV Italia on one of the smallest TVs you could imagine in these times of high-resolution-huge-wall-flat-I-am-rich-enough-to-buy-this TVs. The quality is miserable as the analog antenna provides an imagine that is rippled and has a slight green and red tint. Anyway we started laughing so badly when we saw this. It’s by far one of the funniest low-cost music clips that made it to MTV. It was even so cheap that they could afford 4 versions of it. And I‘m sure Jovannoti is rich enough these days to afford something more fancy.

He is the guy in the lower right corner and I have to say that his dancing skills are really amazing. I wish I could dance like him!!!!

to watch it in fullscreen see HERE

Space Oddity

First of all, I‘m writing in english now; at least for this and the next post and possibly more. And this is not to show the world how well advanced my english is (which it is I know…hahaha) but as always english is the world language and even though most of the information I write here is far from being interesting or neccessary (but what else is a blog good for??!) it’s nice to reach more people.
Anyway I stumbled across this piece of music history. It is in fact only a short sequence but I really had to laugh. Just listen to it:

This would be the original then:

im Tunnel

Die Baustelle „Lainzer Tunnel“ in Wien war für die letzten Monate der Arbeitsplatz von Jens. Zweimal hat er mich mit herunter genommen um ein wenig zu fotografieren.


Belgrad wirkt sehr freundlich, allerdings war es bei mir im Wesentlichen nur weiß. Am ersten Tag hat es nur geschneit und nach ca. 3-4 Stunden im Freien hatte ich keine Lust mehr und bin ins Hostel zurückgekehrt, was auch einfach zu gemütlich war. Am zweiten Tag war das Wetter dann freundlicher und ich bin den ganzen Tag herumgelaufen um die Stadt zu erkunden.

eine Menge extrem motivierter Leute, die auch beim schlechtesten Wetter noch demonstrieren gehen, für was habe ich leider nicht erfahren

im Stadtpark vor der Burg

Wahrzeichen der Stadt in der Burg, blickend auf den Zusammenfluss von Save und Donau (die man kaum im Nebel erkennen konnte)

Titos Grab im heutigen „Museum of Yugoslav History“ in dem man nur sehr wenig über die Geschichte Jugoslawiens erfährt; Immerhin war der Museumswärter sehr motiviert und hat mir ein wenig über einzelne Stücke erzählen können (‚This is very sympathical piece!‘)

eine Uniform Titos

Die 90er sind musikalisch in Belgrad noch überall präsent, Dr. Alban hätte ich schon lange für tot erklärt doch er scheint einfach nur im Balkan zu leben, und auch in den nettesten Cafés läuft Modern Talking.

ein Stück Türkei, Werbung für Efes (größte türkische Brauerei) an einem Platz im Zentrum von Belgrad

der St. Sava Tempel ist wirklich schön, allerdings noch eine Baustelle, was jedoch den Gläubigen als Solchen nicht stören sollte, zwischen Schubkarren, Baugerüsten und einem Gabelstapler vollführen sie ihre Gebetsprozedur